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Tulane students are invited to take advantage of Tulane Takeover: Los Angeles (March 28, 2017) as we present our first ever event in Los Angeles intended on providing an opportunity for you to network and share a connection with Tulane Alumni & Parents in Southern California. Since this is our first event of this type in Los Angeles, we will focus on two main experiences- A lunch panel discussion with prominent Tulane Alumni and Parents in the entertainment industry and two Focused Career Conversations whereby students can meet with individuals and network.

How to Register:

  1. Make sure you have an active WaveLink or FreemanLink account
  2. Make sure you have an active, current LinkedIn Profile
  3. Register for Tulane Takeover – Registration is OPEN – Click HERE to Register
  4. Click here or scroll down to see who is participating

There are some general requirements that will pertain to the whole day as well as some points you will need to consider. We have answered many questions you may have below:

Who is participating this year?

Where is it held?

The event will be on the beautiful campus of UCLA :

UCLA Meyer & Renee Luskin Conference Center
425 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles 90095

Are the people attending going to offer me a job or an internship or just stand and talk all day?

The Tulane Alumni and Tulane Parents participating in the event may not be in a recruiting role at their organization. They have agreed to give up several hours of their day to meet you, network with you and possibly assist you where they can to refer you internally at their company. We have hundreds of well documented cases of students being able to get to a job interview that became a job offer based on meeting an alumnus at events such as this. Is this the only way to get a job in a major city? No not at all. However, the overall goal of the event is to provide you, the student, a way to expand your professional network in order to make the connections that may lead to an interview. Once you have the interview, it is up to you to prepare and perform well in order to get a job or internship offer.

I’m not a Business School student, is this worth the trip? Aren’t the people there all in business?

This event is only as strong as the network of alumni and parents that agree to participate. Tulane alumni in Los Angeles from all majors have been invited to serve as professionals at the events throughout the day and we sincerely hope that all majors are represented. We can’t predict who will be there though. However, the one thing to remember is that you don’t have to be a business major to work at a finance company nor do you need to be an art major to work with a film production company. The world of work and career opportunities generally do not line up cleanly with your major in school. Yes, in some cases, there is a requirement by the company to have technical skills that are taught in classes, but generally, your company will teach you on the job skills that you need to be successful at their organization. There are many Tulane alumni working in banks who were Liberal Arts majors and there are Tulane alumni working in digital media, design and art who were Finance majors. Don’t let your major define your career goals.

Does Tulane have any travel arrangements or shuttles lined up?

Students are responsible for their own transportation to Los Angeles and to the venue. There is no efficient or cost effective way to organize transportation for students coming into the city. The event was planned to coincide with Spring Break so some of the costs for lodging would be very little if you stay with friends or family in the Los Angeles area.

Who can attend?

Current Tulane UNDERGRADUATE students are eligible to attend and based on capacity we will confirm the most qualified students first who register. This includes Freshmen – Seniors. Graduate students may register to attend but please keep in mind this event is for career exploration and networking it is not intended to match with your possibly advanced work experience or knowledge.

How is the day arranged?

The schedule for the day will allow you to meet with alumni and parents as below:

11:00 AM – Registration and Check In
11:45 AM – Lunch for All Registered Students and Guests
12:00 PM – Opening Speaker/Panel
1:30 PM Focused Career Conversations I
3:30 PM Focused Career Conversations II

What is a “Focused Career Conversation” ?

Think of it as a college fair but with alumni. Each alumnus or parent participating will have a table and a sign identifying who they are and what company or industry they will be able to talk about. You can visit as many tables as you like to grow your professional network. This is not a recruiting, career or job fair so the individuals at the tables will not be able to talk specifics about hiring programs or deadlines. However, they can speak to you about the culture of their company, what types of responsibilities they have and what it takes to get into their industry and/or company.

What should I wear?

You are expected to wear business professional clothing. This means a business suit and professional shoes. If you are actively researching internship and job opportunities in Los Angeles, then you should dress according to the standard set for those industries. Whereas finance will be much more business professional dress, media and communications may be more casual. However, overall, no tennis shoes, shorts, jeans (no matter how cute), or any athletic gear should be worn to the event. This is not a time to look like you do when you go to class everyday.

Should I bring résumés?

You may bring your résumé and have them available for distribution IF ASKED. The events for the day are not for recruiting. Many of the alumni/parents participating are not in a recruiting role and may not be in a position to easily forward your résumé within their organization. However, if you do make a connection and the alumni/parent asks for it, then you should be prepared to present them a one-page copy of your résumé.

What do I need to do to register?

You will be required to complete an online profile/registration form which will ask some general career preparation questions as well as collect your information. You will be required to include a link to your LinkedIn profile page. If you have not created a LinkedIn profile, you should do so now. You will also need to have an active WaveLink account (for Liberal Arts, Humanities, Science, Public Health and Engineering) or a FreemanLink account (for Business students). We will verify all submitted information. You will find the registration link later on this page.

If I don’t register, can I just show up to any of the events?

Absolutely not. There are no exceptions. The UCLA Luskin Conference Center requires a verified guest list that will allow entrance into the building. There is a security check-in table operated by the Conference Center that will check government issued IDs before being allowed to enter the building at any point during the day. These are not our rules. Walk-ins will be turned around at the door.

Can my parents come with me?

They can drop you off and wait in the lobby of the building if you like. We are asking parents not to attend the event as we want to make sure students are learning the process of networking by actually networking. This is a time for you as a student to shine and put all those skills we talk about in the Career Development classes to good work.
If you would like to register to participate in Focused Career Conversations – Please register here – Alumni/Parent Registration for Tulane Takeover: Los Angeles 2017

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