How to Prepare for a Tulane Takeover Event


How to Prepare:

  1. Identify industries and companies you want to learn more about
  2. Visit their company pages on the web as well as career pages to see what type of roles they hire for
  3. Visit the professionals’ LinkedIn pages so you can learn a little more about them.
  4. Make a list of those you want to visit.
  5. Make sure to follow-up after the event and take notes before you leave the event of those you need to follow-up with if they give you a business card.

At the Event:

  1. Don’t be nervous or shy. They are here to meet you. They have no other reason to be in the room. They could be at work so they came to see you. Don’t stand in the corner.
  2. Walk up, extend your hand, introduce yourself and start the conversation. – “Hi, my name is____, I’m majoring in_________ and I am so glad to meet you. I looked up your company before the event and___________”
  3. Be mindful of other students waiting. If there are other students waiting to speak to the same professional, don’t hog all their time. In fact, if you say something like “I don’t want to monopolize all your time since I know there are other students waiting…may I have your business card to follow up with you for another time to speak?” Not only are you showing that you are gracious and thoughtful of others, (which are good traits that people notice) but you are also doing so and requesting a future conversation
  4. After you have a stellar conversation and the professional has agreed for another phone call or discussion, take notes after you step away from the table so you don’t forget. Every event like this a student will contact Career Professionals at Tulane months after the event and ask if it is too late to follow-up. The answer is yes. Follow-up immediately within a day or two.
  5. Finally, smile!! The alumni and parents in Los Angeles have been anxious to have this event in their city like we do in New York so they will be as excited to meet you as you are them. Be cheerful and happy to see them.


No shows will not be tolerated. If you are not attending, you must reply so we can take you off the list.
There are a smaller number of students attending this event which means it is very noticeable if we have a lot of no shows.

The professionals participating are making a time investment to come and see you. Please place value in that investment and come and meet them.