Tulane University is taking over Los Angeles

For Alumni For Students

Tulane University is taking over Los Angeles

For Parents For Recruiters


Tulane Takeover is the newly created partnership between the Tulane Career Wave Initiative and the Academic Schools at the university. The genesis of this event came from the success of Freeman Days New York sponsored by the Career Management Center (CMC) within our own Freeman School of Business. By working closely with the CMC, we have developed Tulane Takeover as a way to provide a Freeman Days type experience for all students.

The purpose of these events is to provide meaningful, career networking experiences for current students in cities across the country. By partnering with the Tulane Office of Alumni Relations, we hope to develop deeper connections between current students, alumni and parents to further career discussions. The goal is to create as many positive connections for students so they make informed and well-thought out career decisions and plan for their future after they “Wave Goodbye” to their alma mater!!